Our House

The beginning…

house as built by the
Morton family in 1902

Claude Morton – 1899


Jessie & Aline Morton~1899


house as viewed from
Maple Avenue in 1905

close up – 1905


Jessie and her children, Austin & Jessie,
enjoy a backyard picnic circa 1905


house as viewed from
Maple Avenue in 1929

close up – 1929


The Family – 1930s

Morton family on the front porch in the 1930’s

Note that the photo was processed backwards as the house number appears as 312.


front view

back view

When we purchased the house in 1987, it was painted mint green with flamingo pink front and rear doors. At some point the Lindholms, who owned the house prior to us, replaced the wood front porch and railing with stone and wrought iron.