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Provenance Publishing is proud to present Kim Wolterman’s book, Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed(room)? Researching a St. Louis County, Missouri Home. Designed to remove the frustration and put the fun into researching house history, this book takes a step by step approach to walking readers through the process of discovering and preserving the history of a home. With this book you will discover the treasure trove of historic materials available in St. Louis County, gain access to valuable worksheets and reference guides, learn how to research and obtain deeds on the house and property, and determine the most helpful websites for researching online.

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Also available from Provenance Publishing is the new ebook Keys to Unlocking House History, helpful for house researchers anywhere in the United States. Like Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed(room)?, this ebook will help you learn how to research and obtain the deeds on the house and property, find out who owned and lived in the house in the past, and offers helpful websites for researching historical sources online. Just like people, every house has a story to tell. This book will help you write the story of who walked the halls of your home before you.

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I just finished reading your great book.  At last an updated and very informational guide book to researching your home in St. Louis County.  I really appreciate the large print, the pictures and story of the Morton family. Your home is so beautiful, the connection made with Holly Burt, and I love the ending with George Barnett in question!   Let me know your findings on this.Congratulations again Kim!  Great book for all of us researchers. ~ Stan Busken

I bought Who’s been sleeping in my bed(room)? as a gift for a relative. While their home is not quite a century home, the original owners apparently had  a colorful story to tell about how the home came to be. I knew it would be fun to research and uncover more stories. Your book provides clear, understandable, step-by-step instructions for research. It enables anyone to become a sleuth! As a writer, I am impressed with your meticulous attention to detail.  It makes a great gift for anyone interested in the history of their St. Louis county home. I will be purchasing more! ~ Anne Milford, co-author How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy