Our House

The Beginning…

The house as built by the Morton family in 1902. Claude Morton ~1899 Jessie & Aline Morton~1899

The House as Built in 1902




The house as viewed from Maple Avenue ~ 1905 Close up ~ 1905 Jessie and her children, Austin & Jessie, enjoy a backyard picnic circa 1905.
1905-small-small.JPG 1905.jpg file0369.jpg

By this date the Mortons had expanded not only their family, but also their first floor living space by turning the front porch into rooms.  They added a new front porch, much smaller in size than the original.


The house as viewed from Maple Avenue ~ 1929 Closer view of the post-1929 house.

This photo of the house as viewed from Maple Avenue was taken after 1929, as you can see that there is now a house next door to the Mortons.

The Family – 1930’s

The Morton family on the front porch in the 1930’s


Note that the photo was processed backwards as the house number appears as 312.


Front view Back view
1987-front.jpg 1987-rear.jpg

When we purchased the house in 1987, it was painted mint green with flamingo pink front and rear doors. At some point the Lindholms, who owned the house prior to us, replaced the wood front porch and railing with stone and wrought iron.

Kitchen before Kitchen after
kitchen-1987.jpg after-paint.jpg

The lovely 1950’s era kitchen as it looked when we moved in, and after removal of wall paper and painting the walls.


Front Side Back
1997.JPG side-1997-small.jpg rear-1997-small.jpg

As the front, side and back of the house looked after it was painted in 1988.

Expansion – 1991

kitchen-2-1991.jpg kitchen-3-1991.jpg kitchen-4-1991.jpg
jan-283.JPG jan-282.JPG

As our family expanded,
we expanded the kitchen in 1991.



With the porch removed Construction The updated view!
new-front-porch-1.jpg new-front-porch-2.jpg new-front-porch-3.jpg

By 2003, we were ready to remove the totally inappropriate front porch and put it back to something more historically appropriate. A project that was supposed to take three weeks, according to the contractor (so we allowed six weeks) ended up taking over five months. On the plus side, since we missed the window of opportunity for our painters to do the exterior, Jim and I had all winter to contemplate the eight paint colors which ultimately went on the house in the spring of 2004.


Off with the old Digging a foundation The original cistern
feb-14.jpg feb-123.jpg feb-85.jpg


2007 brought some major disruption to our lives – an addition off the back of the house. The old “new” addition came off, and excavation began for the foundation. The most interesting find in the back yard was the existence of the original cistern, which was in remarkable condition. Unfortunately it was right where the new basement was going to be located, and so it had to be removed.

During construction The new addition The galley kitchen
construction-005.jpg april-19-001.jpg april-26-016.jpg

Construction continued, and by April I was left with a small galley kitchen. Fortunately, it had all the necessities – stove, refrigerator and sink.

Progress Only a sink left
may-9-010.jpg may-9-014.jpg


By mid-May, all I was left with – literally – was the kitchen sink.

July, 2007

september-3-07-014.jpg september-3-07-015.jpg september-3-07-016.jpg
september-3-07-017.jpg september-3-07-019.jpg september-3-07-023.jpg
september-3-07-038.jpg september-3-07-036.jpg july-116-008.jpg
september-3-07-029.jpg september-3-07-006.jpg september-3-07-007.jpg
september-3-07-010.jpg september-3-07-011.jpg september-3-07-028.jpg
september-3-07-003.jpg june-12-08-001.jpg



But all of that faded from memory as I began to enjoy the new kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and conservatory in July. New french doors in the dining room open out onto the recycled plastic lumber deck, which creates a wonderful outdoor living space in addition to the interior space we have gained. Once the planting beds are completed this summer, we will definitely have our own urban oasis.

November, 2008

Each year, the city of Webster Groves recognizes projects that exemplify excellent design. In 2008, our addition received the Architecture Award of Excellence.

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11 Responses to “Our House”

  1. You have an amazingly beautiful home! I love old homes.. our house was built in 1900… i’m also having a hard time finding information on our home.

  2. You have a nice home and i also like old homes. My house was built in 1892 so she has some years on her and we are still fixing it up.

  3. Thanks Jennifer and Shayla. Please go to the SHARE section and talk about your houses and any research you have done on them.

  4. very nice house you have done a very nice job fixing it up….

  5. Thank you. Do you live in an historic home?

  6. I would try researching local newspapers to see if your address comes up any of the search fields. Also, do you have a local historical society? They often keep records of local people and events.

  7. Wow it is amazing that you know all the history about your house and the architecture of it is much more interesting than new houses. Keep your story updated and value will increase definitely!

  8. What a surprise to see my childhood home on the web. It brought back lots of memories and raised many questions about the changes you made. I’d love to share some of my thoughts with you, Kim, and ask you about some of the old elements that you very wisely removed!

    Thank you so much for giving my family the chance to go back and see our old home again,

    Sue Lindholm Barker
    Jamestown, RI

  9. Sue, I am so excited to hear from you! I will send you an email so that we can chat. I’m glad you enjoyed the website!

  10. Hi Kim – I just read your reply to my blog about our Ocean City, NJ house. We have found a “living link” to our house, but have yet to meet her, and she can’t really go back too far. You have exactly what we are looking for – a pictorial house history! We’ve poured through photos at the historical society, but as the caretaker said, the historical society is only as good as the donations it has received. Our home is near many historic places in the town, but the best we could do is see a tiny view of the house in the backround of a picture where they are buidling the old high school. Not exactly what we were hoping for. We still have a lot of restoration to go, but your pictures are an inspiration. My husband always says we’ll be those people on HGTV saying we’ve been working on the house for over 20 years and still are not done! Thanks for connecting with me and for wahring your website! Janene

  11. Janene, how great to have found a living link! She may remember more than she thinks once you meet her. Be sure and ask if she has any photos of the house she would be willing to share. I found it helpful to talk to neighbors as well, particularly the ones who have been in the area a long time. They often can recall when a change or addition was made to the house. Happy hunting, and it will be fun to follow your blog to see how you are coming along.

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