Using Addresses to Research House History

While working with the Webster Groves Historical Society on an upcoming World War I exhibit, I was asked to do some research on a house located at 9504 Big Bend Road in Crestwood, just west of Webster Groves. The house reportedly belonged to the son of Christopher Hawken, of the Hawken rifle family. As I […]

Don’t Forget Little Known Libraries When Researching House History

As you are going through the process of researching the history of your home, your local library with all of its resources often comes to mind as a  place to look for hints on who used to live in your home. Certainly they are most likely to offer local directories, maps, books on the area […]

Family Tree University Offers House History Research Tips

Diane Haddad offers house history research tips from a recent Family Tree University Virtual Conference on the Genealogy Insider blog. As I have mentioned in the past, house history research shares a lot in common with genealogy, including the fact that many genealogists are interested in finding out more about the homes their ancestors lived […]