Does Your Town Recognize Century Homes?

A town near mine will be celebrating its centennial next year, and one of their goals is to award a century home plaque to all buildings 100 years or older. Does your town have a similar program? If so, you may find a great deal of information about the history of your home if it […]

Are You Researching a House in Portland, Oregon?

If you are researching a home in Portland, Oregon don’t miss this presentation about resources available to help you in your search. Following is a quote from the website advertising the workshop: “Every wonder who lived in your house before you? … or what your house looked like originally? … and why is there a […]

House Research in Massillon, Ohio

If you are researching a home or property in Massillon, Ohio then this upcoming house history class may be just what you need to help you on your   way, or to overcome researching obstacles. This class will teach you how to use maps, city directories, photographs, manuscript collections, architectural periodicals and state archive records to […]